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Plum buttered your toast: share some with us

"You are jasmine decastel. It is your 15th birthday today and you want the sburb game that your father shipped over to you last moneth. You hear a fangirlish scream downstairs and you know its your annoying sister, Namiko. She is in love with the twilight series and refuses to let. It. Go. You ignore the brat downstairs and look around.
==> get easel
aw hell naw. You expect me to pain on my birthday? Fuck that shit. Order me to do something lie that again and youre gonna get it.
==> open starry chest perhaps?
You rush over to the chest and say no. You dont wanna risk having your half a billion dollars getting stolen from you.
==>wellwhat can i say?
Hmmm anything but my chest ans easel.
==> pester chums.
Sure why not? Talk some before the game starts. You log into your account, crystalChaos and your quirk is very much understandable. You’ll see.
==> pester real life friend”

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